Wedding Entertainment – Finding The Right Music Act To Suit Your Individual Style


Weddings are no longer a formulaic tradition, following a set pattern of service and reception. Increasingly couples want their special day to reflect their personalities and highlight important events in their relationship so far or exciting times they have shared with the various guests attending. This can be shown in choices of table names, a photo board at the entrance to the reception, a colour scheme carried through in bridesmaid dresses, flowers and decorations or a theme that influences the cake design and wedding stationery. How can couples carry this individual theme through to the wedding entertainment so that every aspect of their day is unique to them? Let’s take a look at some of the wedding themes and styles that couples opt for today and explore the options open to them when choosing music to provide the background atmosphere and make sure their guests have a good time.

Starting with a ‘traditional’ wedding theme, the ceremony would perhaps take place in a local church accompanied by an organ and wedding bells or maybe a civil ceremony in the stately home where the reception is to be held with a harpist to create the appropriate formal mood as guests arrive and during ceremony. The same harpist or perhaps a string quartet could carry on the same formal yet relaxed atmosphere during the meal, with a livelier swing band for the evening entertainment.

For a couple wishing to give a slightly quirkier impression the same wedding service and venue would seem more contemporary with an acoustic guitarist during the service and reception and an indie band for the evening entertainment. In this way, everyone’s tastes can be catered for. Parents and grandparents will be more than happy with the formal surroundings and the music will suit the couple’s friends. For a similar compromise a traditional wedding breakfast could be teamed with a quirky evening buffet of takeaway-style food.

A couple who have enjoyed lots of travelling may wish to reflect that in a summer wedding. To keep costs down and therefore save money to put towards more travelling for the honeymoon, a service at a local church and a reception in the village hall would suit their needs. The hall could be decorated with fairy lights strung across the ceiling and plenty of candles in tealight holders and lanterns on the tables. A Caribbean-themed barbeque for the meal accompanied by a flamenco guitarist or tin band, with a soul band for the evening entertainment would get everyone in the summer vibe.

Some couples may like to opt for an alternative time of year to the popular summer wedding and could choose a winter wedding in a gothic castle with a red colour scheme picked out in flowers and decorations and cloaks for the bride and her attendants for a theatrical feel. Wedding entertainment to suit such a dramatic setting could include a harpist or string quartet for the service and reception, whilst a quirky live karaoke band would encourage guests to take centre-stage in the evening entertainment.

For couples who have an affinity with the coast imagine a beach or under-the-sea themed wedding with an accordionist playing sea shanty-inspired music for the service on a windswept beach and at the reception. For the evening entertainment a ceilidh band would get everyone on their feet. Beautiful sea blues and greens for the bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, stationery and decorations, with fish and chips in newspaper cones for an evening buffet and a mermaid and merman atop the wedding cake would complete the theme.

It can be seen that wedding entertainment can really be pivotal to the style of the wedding. It reflects the personality of the couple, sets the tone of the day’s events, can alter the atmosphere of a venue and influences the mood of the guests. But where to find all these amazing acts? A good wedding entertainment website providing an online booking service should be able to help a bride and groom find the perfect entertainment to suit their particular style. They should be able to search by genre, location, budget and availability to see the options available to them and each quality act would be willing to work with the couple to see they have the wedding of their dreams.


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