Hotel Promotions Offer the Best Way to Travel


Every hotel is different so each hotel will offer different promotional packages. But, one of the most popular hotel promotions is a customer rewards club. Typically, a customer rewards club works like this: When you book a reservation with a hotel and join their club, you earn a certain amount of points. So, the more you stay at a particular hotel, the more points you earn. Eventually, these points will add up and you can “cash” them in for certain reward gifts, like a free night’s stay at the hotel, airline tickets, and other travel deals. Plus, when you become a member, you usually receive member benefits, like random upgrades, money-saving deals, expedited checkouts, complimentary newspapers and free breakfasts. And the best part about these customer reward clubs is that most are free to join. As they say, membership does have its privileges.

Although easily the most common, customers reward programs are not the only hotel promotions run by hotel businesses. Many hotels offer other valuable incentives and travel deals to win your patronage.

Are you going on a romantic getaway? If so, always look out for romance packages. Hotels realize that romance is one of the most popular reasons people stay at hotels, so many will offer special packages created specifically for couples. A romance package will usually offer the couple something along the lines of free chocolate-dipped strawberries and sparkling wine on arrival, perhaps a couples’ massage if available, and of course, the accommodations will be top notch, featuring a large king size bed.

Or maybe you are more of the adventurous type. Many people like to go away and experience some excitement and appreciate a hotel that can make their hearts race. If that’s your thing, check out an adventurer package. These types of hotel deals will be different depending on the area you visit. But, let’s just say you choose to visit Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, to go white water rafting. An adventurer package may include your hotel accommodations and tickets for a day of rafting with a nearby rafting company, all for a discounted price.

Shoppers unite! Many hotels offer special packages created especially for the hardcore shopper in mind. Just like adventurer packages, these deals will vary from city to city. But think free gift cards, discount coupons, and maybe even a large bus to drive you around. And when your long day of shopping is at an end, relax with a delicious dinner, then retire to your warm and comfortable room-all for one low price.

Another deal you should be on the look out for is the all inclusive package deal. These types of hotel promotions are usually offered at hotels where you plan to vacation a week or longer. An all inclusive package deal will usually consist of your accommodations and a meal plan. This helps you save a lot of money on food. Some plans even offer alcoholic beverages in these programs. Those are the ones to really look out for!

So, when you are spending time away from home on a relaxing holiday break or for work related purposes, never book a hotel without doing a bit of research first. There are many great deals out there in the world of hotel promotions, and you should take advantage of them.


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