4 Healthy Recipes You Can Make at Home


Healthy eating can benefit both your body and mind in the long run. Food prepared at home
tends to retain its nutritional value and helps you feel fuller for longer. While packaged food
or food that is bought from outside comes in handy in emergencies, it lacks both in
nutritional value and freshness. As more young people are getting conscious about the food
that they eat, they are trying to eat more home-cooked meas. This can often be challenging
as cooking may seem like a mammoth task to some people.
But, here is a list of 4 simple recipes that are easy and quick to make. There are guaranteed
to be delicious and packed with good health!
Jowar Khichdi
Dieticians swear by jowar when it comes to its weight loss and nutritional properties. As an
alternative to wheat and rice, which are a part of the staple diet of every Indian household,
jowar is an easy-to-use grain that can replace conventional grains with ease. Jowar khichdi is
prepared by soaking jowar overnight and then boiling it the next morning. A normal
tempering of mustard seeds in oil, along with cumin seeds, curry leaves and ginger will work
wonders. You can also add vegetables of your choice to this medley in order to make it
healthier. Salt and pepper in the end will make this healthy khichdi taste better than rice
Granola Bars
Many of us buy granola bars from the market hoping to make an effort towards healthier
eating. However, cooking a healthy chewy granola bar recipe will give you the freedom to
decide how much sugar goes into the bars, thus making them better for your health. A few
ingredients like rolled oats, cornflakes, dry nuts, honey, brown sugar, butter, is all you
require to dish out this easy recipe. The key is to make sure that the oats are roasted before
being used with the other ingredients. For long-lasting granola bars, you can avoid using
water. An added flavour of vanilla essence can work wonders in making your granola bars
smell delicious.
Oats Idli
If you are calorie conscious, this recipe is meant for you. It is a very easy option and requires
minimal preparation time. Use some grated carrots, green peas, coriander leaves and ginger
for flavour. Tempering oil with mustard seeds and curry leaves will give it a smooth texture.
Oats are a rich source of minerals, proteins and vitamins, so this recipe makes for an ideal
Amaranth Tikki
Planning to go gluten free? This recipe is meant for you! Amaranth is the latest addition to
the super foods list. Not only is this an ancient grain but it also contains great nutritional
properties. This recipe might be slight time-consuming when you attempt to make it at first,
but with a little bit of practice, making Amarnath Tikkis will be a cake-walk. Amaranth flour
has to be boiled in water (twice the volume of the flour taken) and once cooked, you can

add salt, pepper and any green leafy vegetables of your choice. You also can choose other
seasonings like garam masala, chaat masala. Once this mix is prepared, it can be formed into
small flattened spheres and shallow-fried on a low flame to give it a crispy shell with a soft
and smooth filling!


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